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  Joining the AKP

       The Alpha Kappa Rho International Service Fraternity and Sorority is the community of doctrinated Skeptrons. Members and every Skeptron within our community respects and celebrates the heritage of community pioneers as well as new community members. We, members are focused in educating, training, guiding and bringing fellow members close together in relation to our Services to God Country, Parents, School and to the Brotherhood.

       It has heightened some layman's curiosity who our members are and what kind of members are we. Our Brotherhood welcomes anyone who identifies their intent to join and enjoy the opportunity to experience how to be called a 'Fellow' to our Brotherhood. We seek to strengthen the connection of the AKP heritage patterned from Philippine fraternal atmosphere while traditional groups in the modern world are further developing. Peculiar AKP family circle provides opportunities to a variety of peculiar peaceful Services. It not only draws shared principle to a changing environment but members shared the modest way to adapt the environment

       AKP is not an expression and neither a signature brand. It is integral to humanity and not a revert derivative. Its members have the common goal to shape up philanthropy among members according to their evolving individual beliefs and values. In expressing their harmless Mission and peaceful Vision, members themselves take part in the essentials of Social involvement, Civic actions, and Community drives.

       Any information you need to learn more about 'The Alpha Kappa Rho International Service Fraternity and Sorority'.....You always can get in touch to any of our local AKP Chapters near your location, converse to our AKP members known to you, walk in to any of our School Chapters or visit our official website.



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