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  The AKP Frater Exemplum

Alpha Kappa Rho has become so huge and dynamic now. Its long stretched arms overshadows and influences public groups and other fraternities as well. The name itself is synonymous with strength, not just in numbers but also by belief. But some might wonder as to what extent can we have such honor engraved into our hands. For it's not the lessons that we've learned that will fail us, but the lessons we 'forget'.

Alpha Kappa Rho must always strive to produce better leaders among its diverse members. We mustn’t forget the recruitment of quality members from all walks of life. For whom shall we pass our goals to when time comes. The bottom line is, we have to keep the flame burning from one Skeptron generation to another. Multiply as we speak, pass the flame and preserve the Mighty name of ALPHA KAPPA RHO.


AKRHO Program 2004


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