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  :: Lots, Few and The AKP Workshop
       As we all know, 'Lots' of us are skillful and plentiful enough to fill, if not more, most of what we ask for. Let ourselves accept the fact, out of the word 'Lots' comes its antonym 'Few'. Lots of us were brought up fortunate and few of us were raised unfortunate. 'Lots' were lucky enough to raise their families but 'Few' were families raised with luck's not enough.

       This is one opportunity for lots of our members to create an intensive sense of community and fulfill our 5th Service...opportunity to serve our 'Few' members. To realize the value and purpose of the service, it is a clear example of leading need not to stand still and direct the way but being able to work with our members and help them cope with their dreams. It may or may not be complicated but we can set series of countless ways to grab away our 'Few' members from dark recess. Let them see the light at the end of the tunnel is the ever-pleasant inspiration they will hear from lots of us.

        Emails, websites, postal service, chat rooms, forums, telephones and facsimiles are informative mediums that we can use as instruments to put our knowledge into a productive action and demonstrate assistance to our few members in training, enhancing and guiding them to a new 'Trade' that will lead them to a better and productive beginning.



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